Unpack, fill the ATTRO Vita tank with tap water, switch it on and enjoy pure osmosis water - no installation necessary.

Auspacken, Leitungswasser in den ATTRO Vita - Tank füllen, einschalten und pures Osmosewasser genießen – Keine Installation notwendig.

With our drinking water system you support your health and the environment. Whether at home, in the office or in your vacation home. 

The ATTRO Vita osmosis system works completely without hoses and connections. The water is drawn off via a dishwasher-safe glass carafe.

The tank can be refilled quickly and easily at any tap. No water connection is necessary, so there is no need for any sanitary work.

With the reverse osmosis system ATTRO Vita you not only have an eye-catcher with child's play to operate, but also a reverse osmosis device that automatically monitors the entire process and keeps you up to date on what is happening via the display. In addition, the reverse osmosis system has an integrated automatic switch-off function - as protection against leaks and as overflow protection.


Are you still unsure? Then just book an appointment at julia@waterhouse.online and get to know the ATTRO Vita at home!