Do you want healthy drinking water? Then we have just the thing! Our ATTRO VITA

Sie wünschen gesundes Trinkwasser ? Dann haben wir genau das Richtige ! Unsere ATTRO VITA

With the ATTRO Vita you have a modern, stylish and very practical drinking water system that does not require any installation!

The table-top reverse osmosis system ATTRO VITA not only resembles a coffee machine in terms of design, but also in terms of its functionality: Put tap water in the tank, wait a moment and enjoy the result - no installation, no assembly! The system is not connected to the water pipe. Operation of the Aqua Vita is super easy. It does not require any technical understanding and can therefore be used by absolutely anyone, even children.

We are currently offering the ATTRO VITA at an introductory price of € 400 including VAT when ordering via our shop!

We also offer delivery within Mallorca.