5 reasons to drink lots of water every day

5 Gründe, täglich viel Wasser zu trinken
1. water keeps your skin young

If you drink enough water every day, your skin will become noticeably firmer and smoother, as the skin cells are sufficiently supplied with fluid. Drink 2 - 4 liters of water daily and your skin will thank you and prevent skin impurities, dry skin and other skin problems.

<2. Water makes your hair beautiful

Our hair consists of about 20% water. In order to keep your healthy hair for a long time, you should drink the mentioned 2 - 4 liters of fluid daily. Drink still water and keep away from coffee and alcohol. (Ok, there is already a little wine in it ;) These draw more fluid from your body than the amount that enters the organism through the drink.

3. Water supports the body in detoxification and purification

If you drink enough water, you promote the activity of your kidneys, which filter the harmful substances out of your body. These are filtered out of your body faster and in shorter intervals by drinking water and you feel noticeably fitter and healthier. /p>

water has a positive effect on losing weight, which is why it is very sensible to drink a lot of water every day. Why is water too good for losing weight? Quite simply and scientifically proven: Drink half a litre of water on an empty stomach (i.e. before every meal) and you will increase the energy turnover in your body by 30% and you will burn about 100 extra calories per day. Since your stomach is already filled up with water, you will also be full faster.>>>span> >>/p> 5. Water enhances your concentration & attention

>>span>Our brain needs a lot of fluid for full performance. If you drink a lot of water every day, you reduce your tiredness and drive your brain to peak performance. By drinking a lot of water you strengthen your memory and push your concentration Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)