Shower filter - Against chlorine - Reduces hair loss and skin irritation - 24.99 EUR

Duschfilter - Gegen Chlor - Reduziert Haarausfall und Hautirritation - 24,99 EUR

Try it out, you will be amazed Shower filter !! Usable for 6 months.

Universally applicable between shower and hose, or between mixer and hose.

Especially with chlorinated Shower water this can prevent skin irritation and respiratory reactions in sensitive people.

  • Cares for your hair and scalp!
  • Softer, more manageable hair!
  • Colored hair keeps its fresh color longer!
  • Healthy and young looking skin!
  • No more itching after showering!
  • No skin reactions!
  • No skin drying out!
  • It is no longer necessary to apply cream after showering!
  • Shower walls, partitions, tiles, bathtubs and fittings are freed of limescale stains from the installation of the filter!
  • Calcification of the shower head / shower head will never happen again.